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How Can a Blog Benefit Your Business?

To stay competitive in the online marketplace, a blog is essential for a company of any size. A blog allows your customers to feel like they are really getting to know the company and the people behind it. Consider these important benefits to blogging. Regular blog posting for your business has once again become a potentially viable form of Internet marketing. If your website has a blog attached, here are five ways a business blog can help you increase sales and reduce costs.

Increase Search Engine Ranking

Having a blog can help your business achieve high positioning in search engine results. This is thanks to a major reset of how search engines rank websites based on their content. Rather than on basing rank on their use of Internet marketing and ‘search optimization' techniques. In order to be listed high in search results for the words that best describe your business, it is necessary to continue providing quality content on a regular basis. Blogs can help your site be noticed by search engines and consistently well-positioned in the results they return.

Spotlight Products For Higher Sales

You can get rid of last season's products or other stale inventory that has not been moving by giving it prominence in your blog postings. A blog post is an ideal way to spotlight products that haven't moved from the shop floor and that are beginning to cost you more in storage just to have on the premises. This is the same reasoning for avoiding shellfish meals if they are listed on a restaurant's specials board.

Enhance Relationships with Suppliers

You can build better relationships with your suppliers and business collaborators by spotlighting on their work in the occasional blog post. Regularly mentioning aspects of your suppliers' business can enhance your relationship. And it may allow you to negotiate better wholesale prices or gain supplier discounts when doing business together. Even if it doesn't affect the financial transactions between you both, it may lead to receiving a priority service from them or greater access to their customer base.

Speed Up Conversion of Potential Customers

Contact research shows it takes on average 6 individual interactions with each customer before they are converted from an interested onlooker into an actual business client. Providing a blog can help rack up the number of individual engagements with each potential target. It can also convert them into customers faster. These potential customers may have come across you before. Each time they perform new online searches relevant to your product or service offerings, a new blog post will help them come across you again. This will help tally up the 6 engagement opportunities that are needed before they are willing to hand over money and become a paying customer.

Raise Local Awareness of Your Business

If your bricks and mortar business sells retail or manufactures product, a high number of people searching for your goods will be doing so from their mobile phones. 53% of people using search on their mobiles are looking for local businesses. If you have a physical shopfront, you should make sure your business listing is up to date. You should list yourself in Google Places, and in Bing and Yahoo Local directories. You can also use your blog to draw attention to your location. Make sure a good proportion of your posts include reference to your physical location. This will help you achieve higher positioning in search results for customers looking for you from their mobiles.

Advertise for Free

It is important for companies to advertise through as many different methods as possible. A blog is a free way to reach a wide variety of customers at no cost to you. By choosing a free blogging site such as or to host your blog, you can advertise without spending any of your limited marketing funds. People will see your logo and pictures, company information, and any other product or service details you list on your blog site. Even when customers are reading blog posts that aren't directly about your product or services, they are still learning about your company. They are also seeing reminders of your location, and more that will stick with them long after they are done reading.

Become More Approachable

The more friendly and relatable your business is to customers, the more people are going to choose you over your competitors. This could mean the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal lifetime customer. Putting up blog posts of the “behind the scenes” aspects of the company makes your business seem down to earth. It is also a less intimating way for customers to ask questions via the comments tool. Many people prefer to leave an anonymous question than ask one to an employee in person, take the time to make a phone call, etc. If people have a way to contact you that is free and easy, they are more likely to communicate with you.

Expand Your Market

Blogging allows your business to reach people that live all over the world. With so many people using the internet each day, blogging has become the perfect tool to reach customers that wouldn't even know your company existed otherwise. Local television, newspaper, and radio ads don't reach that same number of potential customers as a blog online. You can expand your market even further by using as many tags as possible per blog post. For example, if your business sells carpet, then your blog posts could have tags like best carpet buys, cheap carpet, carpet deals, carpet companies, wholesale carpet, etc. This way Google and other search engines direct people searching for these words and phrases to your blog.

WordPress Hosting

Starting a web blog is a great way to establish a web presence. Unlike starting a regular website, starting up a web blog tends to be fairly straightforward. Regardless of your level of web experience, getting a simple web blog up and running is something that can be done in a day. The following steps will teach you how to get started with blogging.

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