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How Can Email Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Email marketing took over where direct mail marketing left off. This new direct marketing strategy has expanded because of the tools of the internet. Direct mail marketers can only promote a small sampling of their products and services. But with email marketing, subscribers can directly visit the company's website to view all of the products and services offered. Marketers without an email campaign lose money that they could be collecting. Building a list of subscribers, or "list", will create profits by targeting people who have already shown interest in your company from signing up.

Generate Leads Inexpensively

Lead generation on the Web usually involves collecting email addresses to communicate with prospects. By intelligently weaving your lead generation process into an email marketing strategy, it is possible to recoup your advertising expenses and even turn it into a profit center. Most email opt-in forms require a prospect to type their name and email address into fields and click a button to subscribe to a list. To enhance the conversion rate, you can make a special "one time offer". This can be a price advantage, or an extra bonus, or greater volumes or quantities. You must mention that the visitor has only this chance to grab a special deal. And that it will never be repeated again. If done correctly, this alone can double or triple the response rate.

Reach Your Audience Regularly

The majority of people with an email account check it every day, often obsessively. By sending marketing emails, you can guarantee that your message will quickly reach its audience. People take notice of emails much more than fliers sent in the mail. With advertisements and promotions through email, people have signed up for newsletters or have purchased a product. Direct mail is often junk mail from a company sending mail indiscriminately to entire neighborhoods, for which people have not signed up.

Instantly Contact Customers

Do you have an awesome new product that you wish to share with your subscribers? Do you want to let them know this week's deals? You can quickly let them know about your specials with a short quick message sent to their inboxes. You can send either broadcast emails to everyone at the same time, or follow-up emails after someone signed up. Follow-up emails are emails pre-written, automatically sent at specific intervals after someone signed up.

Increase Conversion Rates

Once you start getting people to sign up for your list, you can start to work toward creating a more effective email marketing campaign. This is extremely effective because people who signed up are very interested in your product and want to hear from you. The conversion rate from emails is about 10%, up from 2% from just the website. With a conversion rate five times higher, successful marketers focus on creating profitable email campaigns.

Track Effectiveness of Campaigns

From your email marketing provider's statistics analysis, you will have information about which emails were most successful. By sending different types of emails at different times, you can experiment to see which emails and campaigns are most lucrative. You can refine your skills when you discover what works from reviewing the statistics of your emails. Some statistic examples are the list opens and clicks, new subscribers, and ad tracking.

Save Money on Marketing Costs

The best reason to start an email marketing campaign is that it is an inexpensive marketing strategy. For around $20 per month, you can start an effective marketing campaign to help grow your business. Many email marketing companies have promotions, such as $1 for the first month or two months free. Promotions like that help to ensure you are satisfied with their service. The highest cost is time spent developing a campaign. With implementation, you will see results and become more efficient and profitable.

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