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How Can Email Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Do you want to expand your business to further reach your customers? Do you want to do so with a guerrilla technique? With an effective email marketing campaign, you can increase your conversion rate 400%.

Email marketing took over where direct mail marketing left off. This new direct marketing strategy has expanded because of the tools of the internet. Direct mail marketers can only promote a small sampling of their products and services. With email marketing, subscribers can directly visit the company's website to view all of the products and services offered. Marketers without an email campaign lose money that they could be collecting. Building a list of subscribers, or "list", will create profits by targeting people who have already shown interest in your company from signing up.

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Email Marketing Strategies for Small Business

It’s important to stay in contact with your customers. One of the best ways to do this is through email marketing. Email marketing has advantages that other forms of marketing don’t have. As successful internet marketers say, “The money is in the list.” And they’re right. That’s why you need to build an email list early. Here are some of the benefits of email marketing.

Develop Customer Email List

Building a customer email list is one of the least expensive ways to get sales. Gone are the days when the only way to reach your customers was by sending an expensive brochure or catalog. Now you can reach them with a few clicks of a mouse and a link to your website. Email marketing saves you time and money.

Build Customer Loyalty

With email you can send customers helpful information that will make their lives easier. This builds goodwill, trust and customer loyalty. Trust is very important on the internet where scams are so common. Not surprisingly, many customers are uncomfortable ordering from unfamiliar websites. With email marketing you can build a solid relationship with your customers. Once they know you, send them special offers. You’ll become like an old friend they’ll buy from again and again.

Level the Playing Field

When you use email marketing, it puts you on par with larger companies. It’s not hard to create a professional looking newsletter. With a little attention to detail, your emails can look as professional as those of big corporations. No one has to know you’re operating from a garage or an extra bedroom in your home.

Gain Fast Results with Email Marketing

Design an email with a link to your website. With just a few clicks it will be in your customers’ mailboxes. You could start to see new sales within a few hours. Nothing tops the speed of email marketing.

Gain Add-On Sales

Suppose someone comes to your website and buys a dog bed. It’s quick and easy to send them special offers for other products such as dog carriers, dog food or doggy treats. A customer is most likely to buy from you after they’ve already made a purchase. With email marketing you can take advantage of this by sending them special offers.

Reach a Global Market

In the days of snail mail, it cost a small fortune to market to other countries. With email marketing, you can reach prospects all over the world without spending a dime on postage. This means more customers for your growing business. Email marketing extends your reach.

Conduct Market Testing

When you combine email marketing with web analytics you can quickly see how effective your message is. Web analytics gives you statistics on how many people opened your emails and how many clicked through to your website. Use it to test different email subject lines so you can design marketing materials that get results. It’s a way to get quick feedback.

Email Marketing is Smart

Email marketing is one marketing strategy your company can’t afford to ignore. Consider what it can do for you and your business – but don’t spam. Give your customers useful information, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Email Like a Professional

Learn what to do and not to do so that you can email like a professional! Whether you're doing email marketing or just sending a business email this article will help you improve your email professionalism. Improving your professionalism in emails can improve email marketing results.

Tweets, texts, and emails have all changed the way people communicate. But if your work emails resemble your tweets, you might get passed up for promotions. And you're definitely missing the mark when it comes to following the rules of email etiquette. Writing professional emails that follow rules of email etiquette is a skill you should master if you want to be a valuable employee. Once you've composed your email message, don't forget to proofread it so that you ensure you are following all the rules of email etiquette. If you follow these 5 steps of email etiquette your emails will come across professional and appropriate for any type of business.

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